Annually, the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies holds a 2-day symposium with talks by leading scientists and policy makers. This event is aimed at a general audience of scientists in diverse fields, educators, natural resource managers, conservationists, and policy makers. We also hold a public forum suitable for everyone: the general public, teachers and school children as well as scientists, resource managers and policy-makers. The videos from these, as well as other talks by Centre staff, can be found at the links below.


The Future of Coral Reefs

Morrow, Kathleen, M, GBR AustraliaCoral Reefs in the 21st Century

Coral Reefs: Coast to Coast

Beautiful reef shotCoral Reefs in a Changing Environment

acroporaSecuring Coral Reef Futures

fishonreefInternational Year of the Reef 

clownfishCoral Reef Futures

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