Dr Glenn Almany – ARC Future Fellow

ARC Future Fellow (2010-2014)
Senior Research Fellow (2006-2010)
NSF International Research Fellow (2004-2006)
Fulbright Scholar (2003)

Curriculum Vitae

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Research Interests

My research is broadly focused on the ecology of marine fishes and is motivated by a desire to find solutions to conservation and management problems, particularly on coral reefs. This work currently involves investigations into (1) how larval dispersal connects populations and the implications for fisheries management and biodiversity conservation strategies such as the design of marine reserve networks, and (2) how interactions between species (e.g., predation, competition, etc.) structure reef fish communities, and how disturbances such as fishing and coral bleaching and alter these processes.

My work on larval dispersal focuses on directly measuring connectivity between fish populations at four locations in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Australia using genetic parentage analysis. These projects involve research partnerships with local fishing communities and with the institutions that use research outcomes to improve management and conservation.  In Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, I work with The Nature Conservancy and government, and in Australia with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.  In addition, I am working with conservation planners and practitioners to devise methods of incorporating connectivity information into the design of marine reserve networks to improve their resilience to climate change and other threats.

My work on the interactions between species focuses on experimental manipulations in both field and lab settings to illuminate the mechanisms and consequences of these interactions for species diversity, and how such insights can improve management. I am particularly interested in understanding how predation and the alteration of trophic structure via fishing and management interventions impact biodiversity conservation.


Current Students

Tessa Hempson (PhD): Defining the trophic role of reef sharks in coral reef ecosystems.

Jan Robinson (PhD): Disentangling the causes of vulnerability to fishing in reef fishes that aggregate?

Peter Waldie (PhD)Developing a community-based ecosystem approach to fisheries management for large aggregating groupers on Indo-Pacific coral reef.


Former Students

Colin Wen (PhD): Recruitment hotspots and their role in the ecology and management of large exploited predatory fishes.

Mary Bonin (PhD): Patterns of microhabitat specialization and the consequences of coral degradation for coral-associated reef fishes.

David Feary (PhD): Effects of coral bleaching and crown-of-thorns starfish predation on coral reef fish communities.


Publications Online

Publications (Request a reprint using the above “publications online” link or send me an email: glenn.almany@jcu.edu.au)

  • Rhodes KL, BM Taylor, CB Wichilmeld, E Joseph, RH Hamilton & GR Almany. 2013. Squaretail coralgrouper Plectropomus areolatus reproduction in Pohnpei, Micronesia, using age-based techniques. Journal of Fish Biology (in press, accepted January 29, 2013).
  • Wen CKC, MS Pratchett, GR Almany & GP Jones. 2013. Patterns of recruitment and microhabitat associations for three predatory coral reef fishes on the southern Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Coral Reefs DOI: 10.1007/s00338-012-0985-x. Link to Full Text
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