Darren Coker – Postdoctoral Research Fellow

DarrenCoker1Research Associate (2012-2013)


Research Interests

Darren’s research interests include investigating the importance of live coral habitats for fishes and how changes in habitat condition following disturbances impact the abundance, recruitment, and behavior of associated reef fishes.

Publications Online


Coker DJ, Wilson SK, Pratchett MS (2013) Importance of live coral habitat for reef fishes. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries.

Coker DJ, Walker SPW, Munday PL, Pratchett MS (2013) Social group entry rules may limit population resilience to patchy habitat disturbance. Marine Ecology Progress Series.

Coker DJ (2013) Documentation of the Mimic Octopus Thaumoctopus mimicus in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Marine Biodiversity Records.

Coker DJ, Graham NAJ, Pratchett MS (2012) Interactive effects of live coral and structural complexity on the recruitment of reef fishes. Coral Reefs.

Coker DJ, Pratchett MS, Munday PL (2012) Influence of coral bleaching, coral mortality and conspecific aggression on movement and distribution of coral-dwelling fish. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology.

Coker DJ (2012) The importance of live coral habitat for reef fishes and its role in key ecological processes. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

Pratchett MS, Jones GP, Munday PL, Coker DJ (2012) Habitat preferences and differential habitat loss determine susceptibility to disturbance for coral-dwelling fishes. Ecology and Evolution.

Pratchett MS, Bay LK, Coker DJ, Cole AJ, Lawton RJ (2012) Effects of climate change on reef-building corals and associated fishes. In: Lunney D, Hutching P (Eds) Wildlife and climate change. Proceedings of the Royal Zoological Society NSW.

Pratchett MS, Hoey A, Coker DJ, Gardiner N (2012) Interdependence between reef fishes and scleractinian corals. Proceedings of the 12th International Coral Reef Symposium.

Linares C, Pratchett MS, Coker DJ (2011) Recolonisation and growth of Acropora hyacinthus following climate-induced coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef. Marine Ecology Progress Series.

 Coker DJ, Pratchett MS, Munday PL (2009) Coral bleaching and habitat degradation increases susceptibility to predation for coral-dwelling fishes. Behavioural Ecology. doi:10.1093/beheco/arp113
Reviewed in Nature -http://www.nature.com/news/2009/091021/full/news.2009.1023.html

Coker DJ, Pratchett MS, Munday PL (2009) Does body colouration influence predation risk of coral-dwelling fishes in bleached landscapes. Proceedings of the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium. 1014-1018.

Pratchett MS, Baird AH, McCowan DM, Coker DJ, Cole AJ, Wilson SK (2009) Protracted declines in coral cover and fish abundance at Trunk Reef, central Great Barrier Reef, following climate-induced coral bleaching in 2001-02. Proceedings of the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium. 1042-1046.


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