Pip Cohen

James Cook University
Phone: +61 7 4781 3197

Pip is from Tasmania where she completed her undergrad, honours and first three years of her career in fisheries research. Pip then escaped the cold of Tassie to the tropical Pacific – Tonga, Fiji and then Solomon Islands. Pip lived and worked in the Pacific for the next 5 years as an Australian Youth Ambassador for Development, a consultant on a fisheries and development project and then a coordinator for a regional knowledge management project. In 2013 Pip completed her PhD at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies.  Pip is now employed as a scientist for WorldFish, and is based at the Centre.  Pip’s research focuses on understanding community-based fisheries management for improving food security in the Pacific.

Adam Habary

University of Copenhagen
Phone: +61 7 4781 6063

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy name is Adam Habary and I’m from Denmark. I completed my BSc from the University of Southern Denmark where I did my final research project about Harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) click differentiation. Shortly after my girlfriend and I travelled around the world for nearly one year before beginning my Master’s degree in Marine Biology at the University of Copenhagen in 2012. Back in Denmark I used to work in a combined research centre / aquarium with my main focus being on marine mammals.

During the final year of my MSc I am conducting a research project under the supervision of Dr. Jodie Rummer and Prof. John F. Steffensen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark). My research focuses on the link between the optimal temperature of coral reef fishes and their temperature preference.

Bruno Lapeyre

James Cook University
Phone: +61 7 4781 4402

Bruno is a French visiting scientist from Montpellier (CRBM-CNRS) where his group is studying RNA metabolism in yeast and has characterized several nucleotide modification enzymes involved in ribosome biogenesis and tRNA maturation. In Townsville, Bruno is working with David Miller on the coral/dinoflagellate symbiosis, with a particular interest in the unusual features of dinoflagellate genomes, such as DNA structure, modification and replication. Being an experimental geneticist and molecular biologist, Bruno looks forward gaining expertise from the lab in bioinformatics, comparative genomics and evolutionary studies.

David Mills

James Cook University
Phone: +61 7 4781 6747

Starting his research career as crustacean ecologist at the Tasmanian Aquaculture and Fisheries Institute, in 2006 David took a leap into the world of fisheries and development. Based at WorldFish Center headquarters in Penang, Malaysia from 2006 until early 2011, he worked on diverse projects relating to fisheries information systems, governance, fisheries and food security, and aquaculture development. He has worked on projects in Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana and Solomon Islands. David is a visiting scholar at the Centre, and has a degree in Marine, Freshwater and Antarctic Biology (1988 – 1992) and a PhD in fisheries ecology (2001-2005) from the University of Tasmania.

David Mouillot

James Cook University
Phone: +61 7 4781 5241

David completed a Masters degree and a PhD in Theoretical Ecology from the University of Corsica (France). Then he got a lecturer position in Ecology and Statistics at the University of Montpellier. He went for a sabbatical at the University of Sheffield working in Macroecology with KJ Gaston and thereafter he got a professorship position in Montpellier. From last July he is working, as a Marie Curie European fellow, on the functional and phylogenetic biogeography of coral reef fishes with DR Bellwood at the centre, combining large databases on species occurences, traits and phylogenies.


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